For promotional products to succeed in a marketing campaign, they must be relevant and wanted by a large audience. The promotional products must be useful, new and hip. Matching your promotional products to the latest market trends can increase the overall success of your marketing campaign.

This year marks the continuing popularity and obsession with the gizmos and gadgets market. Take the always present demand for iPod and mp3 players along with the growing need for their accessories as an example. Merely owning an mp3 player is not enough to keep you in touch with changing technology. You must have the protective skins, docks and arm band or lanyards to secure them to your body. To stay up with this gadget trend, many companies offer a promotional product like a protective iPod skin or a completely customized set of ear buds displaying brand name, logo and color to clients and employees.

The December 2006 edition of Advantage Magazine featured the iPod Tee in an article covering the best in show promotional products, dubbing the iPod Tee as “Most Likely to Become a Tried-and-True” product from the ASI Show. Another promotional product golden pick at the show included The Gadget Grip that keeps mp3 players, cell phones and PDA’s from slipping and sliding out of your hands.

Outside of the technology world, you can create a promotional product gift set designed around the growing interest in wine culture. Throughout the years, wine and wine culture has always been popular. Now this trend has more participation from younger and more diverse audiences. Wine novices and connoisseurs alike enjoy talking, tasting and sharing in wine as a favorite pastime. Getting into this trend with an appropriate promotional product is incredibly easy. Promotional products from corkscrews and foil cutters to glasses and bottles of wine will reach your clients by displaying a brand logo while staying in touch with the current trend at the same time.

Looking to avoid both technology and wine? Start a trend of your own. According to an article in the November 2006 edition of Advantages Magazine, adults and kids collect, exchange and trade custom lapel pins, especially pins of sports teams. A collector will always be a collector, thus creating a strong, loyal consumer base with exposure and high usage patterns. Use this idea to create customized pins that appeal to the current interests of your clients and their family members. Create several different design options and start a “collect them all” campaign. This engages your audience in active participation in your promotional product brand. The changing designs keep the audiences constantly looking for the new promotional product to add to their collection of your brand’s pins.

Whether you decide to make yourself a trend or to delve into current market trends, getting and staying trendy with promotional products can enhance and provide a profitable edge to your marketing campaign.

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